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Review: Planet Domo

Domo kun is generally not well known in Western circles. In Asia however, he is the flagship icon of Japanese television network NHK, and has a small internet following surrounding him. His unique look, that of a brown block...

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Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Even though the man himself has been a controversial figure in the news as of late, you cannot deny that Tiger Woods’ golf franchise has long been a strong title for EA SPORTS as well as golf gaming as a whole. The franchise has...

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Review: Pirate Saga

Pirates Saga is essentially a pirate simulator, where the player is tasked with fighting other pirates, exploring islands and looting treasure. There have been several pirate themed games in the past on Facebook, yet so far,...

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Rundown of the Top PS3 Games

In the aspect of Playstation gaming consoles, there are now three main game consoles to choose from, one of which is the Playstation 3, also abbreviated as the PS3. Each has their own good points, but the PS3 has a few key...

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Review: FIFA 11

September 28, 2010 was a very important date in the gaming year as the latest game in the FIFA series was released. FIFA 11 took playing football/soccer on your gaming console to the next level with much improved graphics, new...

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Review: Dead Rising 2

It’s been four year since Capcom allowed gamers to run rampant in a shopping mall, slaying zombies by the hundreds with an arsenal of improvised weaponry, but fortunately, it looks like the developers used the time to fine tune...

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