Month: April 2017

Nintendo Has Just Announced the New Nintendo 2DS XL

There will soon be a new way to play Nintendo 3DS titles in 2D! While some may question the need for the 2DS in general, that has not stopped Nintendo from announcing a new version of the 2DS, appropriately named the “New Nintendo 2DS XL.” The system will notably feature the folding shape of the 3DS models, boast better processing power than the normal 2DS, and launch with a new set of 3DS games this summer. Like New 3DS models, this new handheld will also be able to read Amiibo figures on the bottom touch screen of the system....

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Play the First Hour of PREY Free on PS4 Right Now

A quick heads-up for those out of the loop: PREY’s demo is out now on the PlayStation 4 – in Europe at least. The opening hour is still planned for release in North America, but it looks like Bethesda has hit a snag that it’s trying to rectify as we type. Hopefully that’ll be sorted over the next few hours. Still, for those of you that have had a chance to try it, what are your thoughts so far? Are you liking the game, or are you a bit disappointed with what you’ve played? Try not to name drop...

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Sennheiser HD 598 Review: Headphones for Elegant Gaming

The Sennheiser HD 598 uses the state-of-the-art sound and audio technology.But, the design aims to showcase luxurious comfort. Aesthetics Color: beige. Form factor: open-backed, circumaural headphones with wooden veneer accent and meshed metal on the back. Headband: high-quality leatherette. Head Cushion: thick and soft. Earpads: soft foam covered with velour. The design doesn’t look like for gamers. These headphones are best for people that want’s to look professional and mature but at the same time with a touched of modern and high-end technology. Features E.A.R. technology for exceptional sound precision and clarity Technologically advanced Duofol diaphragms for transparency and minimal distortion Highly...

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Prey: everything we know – release date, setting, story and more

Forget 2011, that Prey is dead. This is new, new Prey, and it looks to be one of the most interesting triple-A announcements in recent years… you know, apart from 2011’s Prey announcement. With development being headed up by Arkane Studios – those geniuses behind Dishonored – Prey is an immersive sim set aboard a retrofuturistic space station orbiting Earth’s moon. Players control Morgan Yu, whose gender the player can select, who awakes to find they only have a horde of menacing aliens for company. Menacing aliens who can turn themselves into cups of tea and office chairs. Prey...

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