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What Is the Best Server to Host Minecraft?

A server is the also known as the host for your online gaming. Each server is a specific world that all the members inhabit together. Your gameplay will be dictated by the other plays, admins and rules that are applied within a server and it can even impact when you’re able to play. Why Does the Server Matter? Choosing the right server will make a big difference to your gaming. Games are more diverse than ever and with big worlds and more possibilities you’ll be working with others more than ever. To make the most out of your gameplay you’ll have to find one that fits your needs. This means understanding everything from the technical to the specific rules applied by admins to the gameplay. Choosing the Right Minecraft Server Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world and its popularity is pretty much unmatched. Though there is a single player feature the multiplayer is where you unlock the game’s true potential. There’s a lot of choice around when it comes to Minecraft hosts and you’ll need to find the correct one for you. That means looking at the following criteria: Size The most popular servers around have 50,000 people playing at any one time. Smaller ones can have as little as a few hundred. In reality if you want to be able to play minigames fully...

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What Are the Top WMI Providers Online?

WMI and Platform Management Platform management is essential in a number of key areas for monitoring the activity of a system. You can use it to check the health of your system and it’s important in the following areas: Measure Performance The whole process from end to end is monitored so the efficiency can be recorded and optimized. Extending Lifetime of system By managing the components you can increase the lifetime of the system. Information exposing The ability to expose information can be useful for admins or other users. Alerts Get events about what’s happening in the system so you can see all the information or errors that occur in the platform. Preventative Measures The Corrective events mechanism lets you see problems before they occur and deal with them so you aren’t just running diagnostics after events. Configuration The initializing and setting up of the platform and various settings within it. What is a WMI? WMI or “Windows Management Instrumentation” is a set of extensions in the windows driver model that provides an operating system interface through which you can organise components to give notifications. WMI allows important data to be shared between applications to achieve this. This is the Microsoft implementation of CIM (Common Information Model) and WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise). These are the two standards of the Desktop Management Task Force. Essentially a WMI is a model that...

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Gaming Gifts for the Whole Family

Buying gifts is hard, and it can be stressful. When it comes to getting gifts for the whole family it can seem pretty impossible to find something that’s going to suit everybody. Instead of the usual stress and panic let’s make it fun to find a gift the whole family can enjoy. Gaming is the thing to do for almost all young people and some older people. We all enjoy playing and with more variety there are more people playing than ever before. If you’re looking for something the whole family can do together then a gaming gift might be the way to go. Even if you don’t see yourselves as a gaming family check out some of the great gift suggestions we’ve found. Console and PC Games More families than ever have a console now, but almost every family has a PC. We’ve searched through and found some family and children friendly games for console and PC to give you a few suggestions: Knack 2 Knack 2 is coming to PS4 in 2017 and after a disappointing Knack 1 they’ve rebooted the system and made it way more fun. In game, your character absorbs materials to get new abilities and it’s the perfect family game as it has co-op mode so you all control a separate character and work together. There’s new bad guys and an updated world...

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Custom Team Jerseys for Gaming

So you’re ready to take your team to the next level? Then it’s time for a custom team jersey. There’s a reason that all the major teams in the world wear a uniform and it’s time you made that decision for your team. Custom Team Jersey Benefits A custom team jersey is important for your team and can benefit your performance in a number of ways: Motivation When you put on the team jersey you’re in a select group. Nobody else is a part of the group except you select few and that’s a privilege. You’re all in this together so show the rest of the squad what you can do. Image Your custom team jersey is about more than a uniform. It’s about looking great while doing what you love. It’s about how you present yourself to the world and how your opponents see you. It’s your chance to make that first impression count and show them you mean business! Style It’s time to show the world that your team means business. A stylish custom team jersey is the perfect way to announce yourselves onto the gaming scene. If you’re serious about it you could build a decent following (if you don’t have one already) and a custom team jersey design is a way for fans to show they’re behind you. Custom Team Jerseys for Gaming Traditionally team...

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Specifications of Intel’s Core-X i9 and i7 series supposedly leaked

It appears that Intel’s i9 series are actually happening. The Skylake-X and KabyLake-X series are to launch next month.   Intel i9 series feature up to 12 Cores Intel is allegedly preparing six HEDT processors, two based on KabylakeX architecture and four based on SkylakeX. The most powerful CPU called i9-7920X will launch in August, while the rest will be available in June. The processors will have TDP up to 112W (KabylakeX) and 160W (SkylakeX). The i9-7900 series will support up to 44 PCIe lanes, while i9-7800 are feature up to 28 lanes and i7-7700/7600 up to 16. Three...

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