Tomorrow, we’ll finally get our first DLC reveal for Injustice 2. This, according to NetherRealm Creative Director Ed Boon, who sent out the following tweet:

“Tomorrow should be fun.” Yes, yes it should. We’ve been starved for additional roster reveals ever since Joker was officially announced. We were promised 29 characters in the core Injustice 2 roster (including Darkseid), and we’ve finally seen them all. While we were glad to get acquainted at last with all of our core fighters, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t take some wind out of our sails knowing that there were no more big announcements to look forward to.

But NetherRealm Studios isn’t done yet! We still have nine DLC characters that, so far, remain a complete mystery. There has been plenty of speculation from fans of the series, but surprisingly, nothing has leaked so far. Who we see tomorrow is anyone’s guess, and we’re assuming that we’ll only get a taste of what’s to come. In the picture Ed Boon used in his teaser, you can faintly see Wonder Woman’s shield and sword in the bottom corner. Perhaps Ares is on the way?

When NetherRealm announced and revealed the core roster fighters, it was typically done through the Shattered Alliances mini series of trailers, which would reveal one-to-three characters at a time. With only nine DLC characters set to be revealed, we’d be surprised if we got that many tomorrow morning. We still need more surprises to look forward to, after all!

Above you’ll find a brief segment taken from a recent interview with Ed Boon himself. We had the opportunity to sit down with Boon at an Injustice 2 preview event and talk about the DLC roster and who might be included. While he didn’t give anyone away specifically, he did mention a couple of heroes by name that fans have been begging for constantly. While it’s certainly not an official confirmation, it does give us hope that we might see those characters tomorrow morning. Be sure to check it out and see what you think.

We’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning for the announcement, so stay tuned to WWG!

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04 May, 2017 By Matthew Hayes