Gaming is the modern era’s most popular past time and it’s easy to see why. More games than ever before are being created and the level of sophistication is unreal. We have games that allow for lifelike experiences covering all genres and suitable for all ages.

There’s also a lot of different ways to play and get involved. You can choose between PC gaming or stick with the popular gaming on Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo consoles. It’s the age of the gamer and all the stereotypes are gone, gaming is cool.

It’s also about the community in gaming. You can now watch others play or join forums to follow all the latest trends. It’s not just about playing the game it’s a lifestyle and you need to make sure you’re set up.

The Ultimate Gaming Setup

To get the most from your gaming experience you want to make sure you have the perfect set up. It’s not just about the games or the platform, it’s about making sure you have comfort and utility where you play.

Having the right gaming chair, headphones and equipment is a must but something people don’t always consider is the right TV. The TV market is obviously massive. There are thousands of manufacturers creating thousands of TVs but with all this choice it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

You see TV manufacturers aren’t really aiming for gamers and they don’t all take the time to consider the specific needs of the customer who is looking to play console games through their TV. The standard specs you look at for a TV to watch blu ray movies might not cut it when playing your favourite games.

Modern games give us the opportunity to escape reality and do anything we want. There are countless different environments of vast, immersive worlds that let you get lost, wander and have adventures. With the right TV you can make the most of these brilliantly designed games, and by looking for the right features you can find the right TV.

Your TV for Console Gaming

We already know just how busy the market is and how easy it is to find a TV online or in stores. Now we just need to know what to look for. Of course there are the usual practical elements of size and shape (bigger is generally better but it depends how much room you have). You’ll also want to consider the style and colour of your TV so that it looks as good as it performs.

Beyond these attributes you’ll need to start looking at the technical specifications for your TV to make sure you’ve got the best one for you.

● Resolution

Technically speaking resolution is the number of pixels contained on a monitor. This is most commonly seen as 720p, 1080p and the latest 4K. 4K TVs are pretty impressive and when you walk past them in a store you notice two things, the quality and the price.

So do you need to spend a fortune to get the best gaming TV? Not exactly. Obviously 1080p and 4K offer the best quality but you have to bear in mind what the game creators have optimised the gaming for. Especially for older games you need to consider exactly what is optimum and a lot of the time lower resolution will actually give better quality.

● High Definition

Another key feature for picture quality is the definition. High definition (HD) TVs have much more crisp and well defined images on screen allowing for a more lifelike picture. Most modern TVs will have this as standard but be sure to look for it as it will be good for your gaming.

● Input Lag

Perhaps one of the most important features that people don’t know about is input lag. There is a very short space of time between you issuing a command, normally through a controller, and the reaction of the game on screen. This is essentially communication between the hardware and only take milliseconds.

Annoyingly some of the higher spec TVs have a higher input lag and this can mean a slight, but noticeable, delay in between cause and effect. This is a prime example of how TVs are not always optimised for gaming and you should try and find out the input lag where you can.

Choosing your Gaming TV

Generally speaking the technical specifications will be obvious but it’s worth remembering that most TVs aren’t built for gamers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that more expensive does not mean better quality and you shouldn’t go beyond your budget because you might be disappointed.

We’ve done our research to make it easier for you, check out all the best gaming TVs and other gadgets.

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