September 28, 2010 was a very important date in the gaming year as the latest game in the FIFA series was released. FIFA 11 took playing football/soccer on your gaming console to the next level with much improved graphics, new personality+ engine and Pro passing. The personality+ engine gave players their individuality with their real world skills and moves integrated into the game. With this feature, traits were introduced as well which gave players a boost in a certain area of skills. For example, Hangeland who plays for Fulham at centre back has the headed trait as in reality; this is one of his main strengths. This new engine made the game feel more realistic in the sense that players were now acting and moving as they would in real life, giving the gamer more choice and flexibility to which team and players they wish to use in online Ranked matches and Ultimate team.

Pro passing was another core feature which was introduced where passing accuracy was determined by a ‘gamers ability on the control pad, the players skill, situation and urgency on the pitch’. Giving the fact that FIFA 10 didn’t have such a feature, you could really feel the difference in the passing between the two titles. It now became more of a skill to play nice simple football like Barcelona as you had to time your passing properly and effectively.

One problem is, even with this new system, you can still play ridiculous over the top balls from one side of the pitch to the other without the players even looking in the right direction. Come on, who can hit extreme long passes looking backwards? Unless you had eyes in the back of your head and your legs back to front.

Lastly, the next feature which I think is worth a mention is ‘Be a goalkeeper’. I was extremely excited when this news was released; being a goalkeeper myself, this feature was a perfect match for me. That being said, online game modes such as online team play and Pro clubs which support human goalkeepers, is extremely unrealistic at times. Especially in clubs, you could be on the edge of the six yard box with the goalkeeper casually looking at you on his line, you shoot, it’s going top corner and the human goalkeeper somehow saves it with some matrix reflex save.

It can be extremely frustrating and can cause harm to your controller if you’re the type that gets angry at video games. If ‘be a goalkeeper’ was tweaked so it took more skill to save shots instead of just flicking the analogue stick then it would bring a much needed balance to the overall game.

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