Pirates Saga is essentially a pirate simulator, where the player is tasked with fighting other pirates, exploring islands and looting treasure. There have been several pirate themed games in the past on Facebook, yet so far, Pirates Saga actually comes closest to simulating the actual activities of a pirate than anything else.

The game starts by you selecting an avatar. This is more of a formality than anything else as you never see your avatar after this selection process. Once chosen, you are thrown into the tutorial, which does an excellent job of introducing you to the concepts of the game. The game is quite simple; essentially, you move your pirate ship icon around a map, while clicking on objects will expend energy to interact with them.

Through this, you can gain loot, experience, as well as perform quests and attack other vessels. Movement can be a little squirmy sometimes, but overall it is not something that really detracts from the core appeal of the game.

As with most games of this type, there is no real end game to Pirate Saga, where the player’s only objective is to gain levels, get a bigger ship, bigger guns, and more loot. Luckily, there are plenty of areas to explore, with the world map having several smaller island clusters which the player can enter to check out. Quests are also given to help push players along, and the progression is quite solidly paced, providing players with just the right amount of money to upgrade their ships and cannons when they become required.

Combat itself is not a complicated affair, and simply requires a player to select an opponent and then clicking on the attack button. The two sides will continue to attack automatically till one is defeated. The player can select different types of cannonballs to assist in their attack, as well as utilizing items to assist them. The most interesting aspect of the game is that it also offers real time combat, allowing players to attack other players in real time. This leaves for some interesting battles, to say the least.

Graphically, the game has a wonderful cartoony look with bright colors that fits well with the overall theme of the game. Animations are smooth and fluid. Aurally as well the developers have done a fantastic job of peppering the game with pirate and ocean themed sounds that help set the overall mood of the game. There is music as well, which could easily be mistaken for an old sea shanty. Thankfully, sound can be turned off as well if necessary.

Perhaps the only real issue with the game at the moment is that there always seems to be a shortage of energy. The game does a great job of encouraging you to spend real money to reenergize oneself since there is quite a bit of the game that relies mainly on timing and opportunity (for example, treasure chests, when they appear, can be picked up by other players if you aren’t quick) and one can quickly find themselves without any energy if they aren’t careful in how they manage it.

Still despite this, it’s a testament to how addicting and genuinely fun Pirate Saga can be. Definitely check this one out. The simple game play mechanics allows for just about anyone to play, and the fact that you can actually play against others in real time is a real gem. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with Pirates Saga.

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