Domo kun is generally not well known in Western circles. In Asia however, he is the flagship icon of Japanese television network NHK, and has a small internet following surrounding him. His unique look, that of a brown block with a large gaping mouth, certainly does leave an impression, and it’s no wonder then he’s been seen in so many internet meme’s. Domo-kun has finally made his way onto Facebook in the new game Planet Domo, but despite his attempt to spread out, it seems he is still destined to remain in relative obscurity for now.

Planet Domo is a very simple Facebook role-playing game that really doesn’t do anything very special. Tasked with finding the elusive Domo, player’s expend action points to perform quests repeatedly until they have completed it to 100%, at which point the player gains a postcard as a reward and a puzzle piece, which need to be collected and assembled to unlock the next map to adventure on. Certain actions require items, which can easily be purchased. Later levels start requiring more expensive items which will necessitate repeating older quests to gather money and extra items, which can then be sold for money.

Player’s can also opt to compete with other players, which really is just a pure statistical comparison and random number computation. The game actually doesn’t give you any actual visible feedback when you compete with someone else, and simply lets you know if you win or lose. Given the relatively tame nature of the rest of the game, this added option really feels tacked on and rushed.

Visually, the game has simple but charming graphics. Domo will pop up in various poses on the top portion of your screen as you click through quests, and the overall art style fits perfectly with the simple world of the game. The game’s sounds and music are also of decent quality, and thankfully can be turned off when necessary. Socially as well, the game again does just enough to be considered a decent effort, but nothing more than that. You can form teams with other friends who are playing the game, as well as inviting others and the obligatory gifting.

And that’s just it. The game is extremely average to the point where it’s difficult to really recommend it to anyone when there are so many superior gaming options out there. The game doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but it’s really not doing an effort to really stand out either. Granted, given the basic nature of the game and its simple look feel, and storyline, the game may be a perfect way to introduce a younger and simpler mind to the world of Facebook social games. Yet even then it would be difficult to recommend Planet Domo over classics such as Mafia Wars and Mob Wars. This is difficult to call, but to be fair, the game isn’t bad. You won’t find anything here though that’s new, and anywhere else you look you’ll find it done better.

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