Even though the man himself has been a controversial figure in the news as of late, you cannot deny that Tiger Woods’ golf franchise has long been a strong title for EA SPORTS as well as golf gaming as a whole. The franchise has been one their highest sellers throughout the years, even though its PC presence has been on the decline recently. However, EA SPORTS is gearing up to bring the franchise back to the PC in a big way with their upcoming web-based entry to the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online.

A browser-based title that focuses on an online experience with micro-transactions, Tiger Woods Online will be the next step in the franchise’s evolution. However, the game is geared to be more than just your standard throwaway browser-based experience, offering a surprising amount of polish and aesthetic quality that rivals the console games. Even better, the game can be run on any number of browsers and is based in automatically updated, secure streaming server architecture, and you should have to worry about system requirements in order to get a great golfing experience.

The gameplay itself is fairly simple. You can line up your shot any way you want, and click your mouse button in order to take your shot with the right amount of power and finesse. Anyone should be able to get the initial gameplay down very quickly, regardless of your familiarity with the Tiger Woods series. As you play, you’ll be able to gain skill upgrades and customize your golfing avatar, spending real-life cash and in-game currency on new equipment and clothing items.

The game will begin with seven different real-life courses, including Torrey Pines, St. Andrews, TGC Sawgrass, and several others. More will be added monthly, and each one will have a set of achievements and objectives that will net you bonuses as you master them.

As far as the community features, Tiger Woods Online will deliver in spades. The Golf Live feature allows you to chat with other golfers on the same hole, even seeing their shot lines while you chat and exchange hints about the course. You’ll be able to create special groups amongst your friends which let you set up custom private matches and tournaments.

One pretty cool feature is the cut line, which is lifted from real-life golf. The game will feature real-time performance based cut offs for each day. Depending on the general performance of the game’s community, the cut line will be set to differing levels. If you make the cut line for the day, you’ll gain cash and XP. You can even sponsor your friends, getting boosts for yourself if they manage to make the cut line for the day. Fans can also be gained either from your game friends or via Facebook, netting you even more bonuses for the size of your gallery.

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