In the aspect of Playstation gaming consoles, there are now three main game consoles to choose from, one of which is the Playstation 3, also abbreviated as the PS3. Each has their own good points, but the PS3 has a few key features that the others do not, which is what makes this a gaming console worth buying.

The PS3 is the third gaming console of the Playstation series. The previous two versions were very popular and had many games available on the market. Many people who have owned the PS1 or PS2 models liked the games that they played on those consoles.

Moreover, the fact that some PS3 models are backwards compatible is a key feature that is a deciding factor for purchasing this game system over the others. Backwards compatibility means that some of the PS3 gaming consoles can play games that were made for the PS1 and PS2 consoles, which means you can both play the many new games that are now out for the PS3 as well as the older favorites. So, you get to play your old games rather than disposing of them and at the same time, you save a ton of money!

Another of the major key features of the PS3 is that it has an integrated Blu-Ray DVD player. This not only allows you to play all the Blu-Ray movies that release on DVD, but you also have video games that can take advantage of the best graphics and sound qualities.

The fact that you also receive a Blu-Ray player with the PS3 makes it very much worth the money spent because this new player alone costs almost as much as the PS3 does. The PS3 can also be connected to HDTV’s, which allows you to be able to see everything in even better detail, including pictures that are saved to the PS3.

Another key feature of the PS3 is that it is Wi-Fi connected. If that is not enough, you can connect to the PlayStation Network for free and have supplementary entertainment possibilities. With the Remote Play and Play TV features, you can also connect your PSP and PS3 with one another, which opens up even more things to do.

Nevertheless, probably one of the most important features of all is the fact that the PS3 has a hard drive. The hard drive gives you the capability and flexibility of saving pictures, music, videos and games. You can choose between different size hard drives; the largest standard one being 80 GB. If you need additional room on top of the 80 GB, you are able to add on to that when necessary. In addition, depending on the model of the PS3 you choose, you will also have slots for memory cards and up to four USB ports, which gives major flexibility when using your PS3.

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