If you’re struggling to notch up victories playing Fifa 09 against your mates or online then you will find some top notch tips right here. I only really play Fifa against my mates as we are a really competetive lot and all own Fifa 09. We take great pride in learning some new tactic or skill so the next time we have a winner stays on session, we can rub it in face to face to humiliate each other and get some Fifa respect.

After suffering many humiliating defeats on one my top PS3 games, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge with tips to take you to the next level in the Fifa world.

1. Have the odd cheeky goal attempt – Try shooting straight from the kick off with between half and three quarter on the shot power bar and pointing your controller slightly off straight at goal. I have loads of goals notched by doing this and it is best to try when you’re getting beat by two goals to get straight back in to the game with nothing to lose.

2. Slow down when you’re clean through – It’s quite easy to keep your finger on R2 for pretty much the full game, but when you’ve beaten the last defender and know he’s not catching you, make sure you release R2 so you have all the time you need to chip if he brings his keeper out or just slot it past him.

3. Shoot from most freekicks – Unless the freekick is at a difficult angle, then I would suggest using the power shot (hold L1) from pretty much anywhere. If you’re in your own half by a couple of feet or up to a few feet in their half, then shoot using the power shot and using FULL power. Adjust accordingly the nearer to goal you are. If you’re just outside their box then still use the power shot but with about half power.

4. Tricks, tricks, tricks- Most of my mates don’t bother using tricks during play and that’s because they don’t know how to do them. Tricks aren’t only for showing off, they can really help you in certain situations where there isn’t another option. You’ll have to be willing to make a fair few mistakes when you’re learning tricks, but once you have mastered a couple, there will be no looking back.

5. One touch passing – Unlike previous versions of Fifa where you can run the full pitch with a player by jinking left and right past midfielders and defenders, Fifa 09 is all about pass and move. There will be times when it’s right to take on loads of players but one touch passing through the midfield is the best option with a final through ball (triangle button) to finish up and hopefully score.

I have been playing Fifa since 2003 and I must say it is without doubt my favourite game and definitely one of my top PS3 games of all time. With one exception, Fifa has continued to get better with every new release and will more than likely keep on doing so.

Don’t get me wrong, Fifa 09 has quite a few frustrating errors, which you would think EA could sort out quite easily.

These gameplay errors are great when they they go your way so you can laugh in your mates face at his anger, but when your on the receiving end – it’s a totally different story and sometimes you wonder why on earth it’s one of your top PS3 games.

I am planning on writing a post pointing out all these errors so keep checking back and tell me know if I miss any. I am also still wondering which direction to take this blog after having a few technical problems recently, it’s all go now!

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