Cyclops is a top (not god) tier character. Although only having two specials, he is a favorite amongst the top players in MvC2. His anti-air assist is great to combat against jump-ins and launches opponents setting them up for numerous combos. He is the leader of the X-men and has the same ability to lead his team in or back to victory. Some pretty amazing things have been done with Cyclops, one being the very popular EVO moment where Justin Wongs’ Cyclops comes back to win in a miraculous finish. So if you have been interested in using Mr. Summers then set back as I go over the methods that work best for me.

Tactics For Play

When it comes down to it, there are really only a few things you need to do to play with Cyclops. One of those is to glue your hand to the roundhouse button. Of course I do not expect you to actually glue your hand, but you get what I mean. You need to constantly jump and roundhouse in the air whenever possible. His roundhouse kicks and double jump make him very good at keep away. This not only builds meter pretty quickly but also allows you to escape falling down into supers or combos. Once airborne, pressing down-up roundhouse will do and extra bounce or flip in the air. It can be used similar to Guiles Flash Kick or Magnetos air-dash upward to evade. This is a great way to bait you opponents assist.

Also be sure to keep your opponents honest by throwing out many Optic Blasts (hp). With this being a move that only takes one push of a button as opposed to charging or down-to-forward motions you can get one of these off hassle free. The Optic Blast comes out quick and recovery is great.


The two supers that Cyclops has are both projectiles. One is a very large, stationary Optic Blast that does good damage but is also relatively short. The other is a medium size beam, mobile Optic Blast.

Stationary Optic Blast

This move is a great projectile special. It does not have as much flexibility in use as the other super but still has its place. Use this when you have some distance in between you and the opponent. With this beam covering so much of the screen it is great to punish the assist with leaving the main character to hold up the block.

Mobile Optic Blast

My favorite of the two supers because this one you can control. By moving directional pad, you can control the direction this beam goes. So no matter where your opponent goes, you have them covered. One combo that you should definitely learn is lk,lk,qcb+k XX qcb+kk. Land that enough times and you win. Also be sure to catch those in flight mode or that like to play around in the air by shooting this vertically.

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