So, addiction. For whatever reason, Klei Entertainment completely understands how to pull me in and cause me to spend countless hours playing their games.

This Memorial Day weekend it was marathon sessions of Don’t Starve Together and Oxygen Not Included.

Oh. My. Soul.

How do you do it, Klei? How can games make time evaporate so easily?

If you’ve not done yourself the pleasure, it could be a great time to try their games out. Steam has a great special on the Don’t Starve franchise. You get the single-player base game and its two expansion/DLC packs (Reign of Giants & Shipwrecked) the multiplayer progression Don’t Starve Together for $13.65.

There’s an assortment of Klei’s games, do get in there and grab a deal.

Their newest, Oxygen Not Included, is $24.99 in Early Access ($19.99 if you have another Klein title). And it’s absolutely incredible to play.

The downside, if you’d call it that, to Klei’s games is that they aren’t going to give you anything like a real tutorial. They believe in learning by immersion, apparently.

My first playthrough with one of their games is usually an unmitigated disaster, but I pay plenty of attention, and my second run is typically way better. If you like a game without that Zerg-rush adrenaline component, but plenty of logistical depth, this one is your ticket.

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