Peak performance from our PCs, laptops and other electricals is a must. We all want to have the best specifications, top of the range components and a system that runs smooth and fast. The motherboard is potentially the most crucial component in your computer. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve developed the other elements, If you don’t have the best motherboard it’s a waste.

A motherboard is the circuit board we’ve all seen and It’s the foundation of the CPU. It allows communication between all the different hardware pieces in the PC and allocates power around your system.

The Best Motherboards

Whatever you use your PC for It’s important to get the right motherboard to suit your needs. If you’re using your PC for gaming then the motherboard needs to be able to do more. There are several key factors and features to look out for when you’re selecting your hardware:

  • Type:

There are two types of motherboard. Firstly you have Intel which are only compatible with Intel CPUs. AMD are the other most common type which are compatible with AMD CPUs. This seems simple enough, but remember that you need to motherboard with the processor interface. In plain speak you have to make sure the hardware can communicate with the other pieces.

  • Size:

There are two main sizes for motherboards. You have ATX and mATX (literally micro ATX). It’s not just about physical size to fit your CPU but also about the extensions and sockets. The larger ATX has more sockets to plug other hardware into. If you’re looking to continually make upgrades to your system then this is definitely the way to go.

  • Compatibility

All gamers know the importance of RAM but this is all wasted if your motherboard doesn’t work alongside it. Not all motherboards are compatible with your RAM type and RAM speed, so do some digging before committing.

  • Network Connection

Almost every motherboard will have a LAN connection but only a few of the higher end models have Wi-Fi support built in. The most common solution is to buy an add on and plug it into your motherboard, but you can opt to get the Wi-Fi motherboard outright.

Best Z170 Motherboards 2018

Now you’ve got a good idea what specifications to look out for It’s also important to know where to look. Getting your motherboard from a trusted brand is essential for performance and will ensure you get a reliable product. We recommend the Z170 motherboards.

1151 Skylake Z170 motherboards are some of the most sought after for gaming CPUs. Some of the first to switch over to the DDR4 standard they are still one of the most adaptable motherboards and perfect for high end gaming specifications.

Z170 motherboards are some of the most powerful around. They’re built with multiple sockets for additional hardware and are compatible with Skylake and Kaby Lake processors.

Over the past decade processing power has increased exponentially. The Z170 motherboards allow you to keep up and make the most of that power by allowing integration with some of the top processors available. Cost effective and high performing they’re an essential when it comes to your CPU.

Choosing your Z170 Motherboard

There are a number of different Z170 motherboards available depending on your specific needs. For more information and recommendations check out our list of the best Z170 motherboards available.