Video gamers are quite lucky nowadays. This is because gaming gadgetry and furniture are being designed with gamers in mind. Moreover, all these products are readily available in the market. The process began with the customization things like headphones, speakers, seats, and desks. Don’t be surprised that we now have unique designs of gaming TV stands. The essence of designing video gaming stands that are uniquely customized for console gamers is to provide them with just what they need. In other words, the stand has several spots for the various gaming components. This helps in organizing your gaming environment. The main reason as to why you need to organize your console gaming environment is for ease of access. For instance, no one would love to have his/her gaming space dominated by tangled cords and gaming gadgetry. This is because it will not be easy to access your gaming space. You can avoid this by acquiring a gaming stand for your console gaming requirements. It will have you sorted out in terms of organization of your gaming space.

A great gaming TV will have as many port as possible for the various systems that it will accommodate. The stand that will hold the television should also have convenient places for the systems as well as plenty of available space to connect all of the wires and accessories. This will allow for easy switching between games or between sessions without the interruption or aggravation of inconvenient rewiring, plugging, etc. And, as any serious gamer knows, the more ports and openings, the better and more organized the gaming experience will be. The stand should easily accommodate all of the systems and the television.

The TV stand that you will choose for your gaming experience should also take into consideration the type of television that you are using as well as the size of it. A smaller television may have fabulous graphics and all of the ports that you need so your stand shouldn’t be suited for a television that is three times its size. Not only will it look wrong, but the smaller television will probably not fit adequately on a large stand.

What to Look For Before You Buy a Gaming TV Stand

A basic console set up must feature all the essentials including the console, TV, controllers, and speakers, among other peripherals. The beauty of video games is that you cannot be limited to the number of peripherals you want to incorporate into your console. However, you need to make decisions on what you would like to include in your gaming space prior to choosing your TV stand. There are several questions you need to ask yourself. For instance, do you want a stand on which you can mount your TV or you are interested in placing your TV on top? Additionally, gaming TV stands should have storage areas that are designed with gamers in mind. These areas should provide storage solutions to all the concerns.

What then should act as our guide as we go shopping for household items? Most of us will base their choices on the existing decors in their homes while others will be guided by their preference in style. None of these two approaches is inapplicable but it’s important to be more specific with the kind of items we need to bring home. This is because it’s not easy to know what exactly we are owning until it reaches home. A common practice by people is to read product descriptions and customer reviews before they purchase any product. It’s true that this practice will help you to get authentic products of high quality. However, the customer reviews and product descriptions may not help you to get the right gaming TV stand for your requirements back at home. That’s why you need to follow a certain criteria for choosing your TV stand.

Below are more tips on choosing the right TV stand for your gaming and other requirements.

  • Gaming Space – Your new gaming TV stand desk should have plenty of space for all of your gaming gear, games, DVD’s, and more. It is also a good idea to choose a style that has more space than you need, so you can expand your gear and not have to get a new desk. Look for a model that has adjustable shelves, so you can set it up for your particular gaming accessories.
  • Room Space – You also need to take into account the size of the room the unit will be in. If you are in a small dorm room, it is better to get a desk-style or a wall mounted unit rather than a larger entertainment center. Other options for small spaces include corner units and console hub stands. You should also consider the shape of the unit. Some shapes will fit better in certain rooms than others. For instance, if you have long walls, an entertainment center is a great option.
  • Design – The design of the gaming stand is also important. For instance, if the room it is going in is decorated in a traditional style, a modern stand is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Think about the décor in your home when choosing a gaming stand.
  • Materials – The materials that the stand is made of should factor into your decision. It may cost a bit more to buy furniture made out of quality materials, but in the long run, you will be saving money. Rather than pressboard, look for items made with quality laminate, or better yet, real wood. Glass doors should be made with tempered glass. Metal frames should be made of steel.
  • Quality – This feature goes hand in hand with the materials used in the production of the piece. Your gaming TV stand desk should not only be made from quality materials, but all of the hardware and any other parts should also be high quality. A sign of a quality piece of furniture is a warranty.
  • Durability – Another important feature is the durability of the stand. You need to know that it is going to safely hold the weight of all of your gaming gear. Look for stands that can accommodate televisions up to 60 inches and weighing over 100 pounds. The shelves should also be able to accommodate the weight of the rest of your gear, including speakers.
  • Cord Management – It is important that the stand either have holes for cable management, or that it has a section to put the cables so they are organized and out of the way. This is not only for aesthetics, but also for safety, so no one ends up tripping over cables.
  • Budget – One of the most important considerations when buying a gaming TV stand is your budget. But, don’t worry that you won’t be able to find a stand that is reasonably priced. There are many great stands out there that are priced at less than $200, and you can get some quality units for less than $100. The key is to shop around for the best stand at the best price.

Benefits of Using a Gaming TV Stand

In addition to giving you enough space for your gaming gear, a gaming TV stand desk also offers numerous other benefits. For instance, they make organizing your cables much easier, and you don’t end up with a bunch of messy cables sticking out. You will have organized space, so you can immediately put your hands on anything you need for gaming, watching movies, etc., and most of these units are adjustable. This means that you can customize them for your own specific gaming needs.

Buying the right gaming TV stand desk is important because this could end up being a lot more than just a gaming center.

Now, which category qualifies to sit in your space?

  1. Atlantic Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand

Atlantic Centipede is the ultimate solution for console gamers just as the Atlantic Game Desk is the ultimate desk for PC gamers. Even if the stand may give you the impression that it cannot hold too many items, it is very strong, as it is made from steel wire. In order to suit any pretentious requirement, the stand has six holders for game controllers, two game racks on the sides and a large center shelf. You can place three different consoles in it, vertically. You can keep up to twelve games on the side racks.

The top of the stand supports the TV and has two small extensions (one on each side) where you can hang your headphones and various gaming accessories. There is no TV mount included in the package. Television sets of about 37 inches can fit best to the top of the stand, which can hold up to eighty pounds. If you want to store more than twelve games, you may want to check other stands that are larger.

With this type of stand, air circulation is optimal, so you never have to worry about your consoles overheating. You have three main shelves: the first one is for the TV; the second one is for your consoles and the third one can be used for smaller devices, games or anything that fits in. On each side there are three hangers. These hangers are easy to remove when you want to take them out. Even if this stand looks weak, it is actually quite sturdy and stable. You can try to shake it and see for yourself that it stays well on the floor.

Atlantic Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand for kids room is the best option for any gamer who has less space in the room. Not only space can be saved, but also money, because the model is really cheap for what it provides. When the stand is equipped with all your stuff, it will look compact and strong. Even if the approach to this design is minimalistic, everything is held together the proper way. If you want a simple, small and compact stand that can keep all your gaming items together without affecting your wallet too much, this is the best product for you.

  1. Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand

This stand is from the entertainment centers category of gaming stands, supporting television sets up to 50 inches. Many people prefer this stand because of the affordable price and the smart design. The stand is designed in such a way to allow great cable management and optimal shelve usage. The stand is also made to support anything that you would like to place on it. You don’t have to worry about its durability, because it is ensured by the sturdy metal frame. You can use the two spacious shelves in the center for your newer items and the doors on each side to hide your older items.

Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand can be awesome for a multi-console setup and for storing a huge number for new and older games. You can choose from two colors: espresso or cherry with two tones of black. There are also some chrome accents here and there. For gamers who have larger screens, the manufacturer can provide a version of this stand that can support TV’s up to 70 inches. But, this version is more expensive. If you afford a larger TV, you probably would afford the larger stand. The Altra Furniture TV Stand can be perfect for a living room, but the standard version can go well in other rooms too.

Besides that open space in the center and the storage space on the sides with doors, there is even more space right below the top of the stand, where you can store anything you want. While this is quite a cheap product, you may be pleasantly surprised of how heavy it is. The holes in the back can be really helpful for cable management. The open space of the center shelves can keep components cool. With its modern design and appearance, this stand seems more expensive than it really is.

  1. Sonax FB-2600 Fiji TV Component Bench

If you have a larger living room and a 60 inch TV, this stand from the entertainment center category can be the best choice. TV’s of up to 64 inches can fit well. The stand has a nice Raven wood finish and some partially hidden areas with tinted and tempered glass that make the stand look amazing. Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. This glass breaks into small chunks instead of small pieces, avoiding high risks of injury.

The stand has three areas: an open area in the center and two concealed areas on the sides. Storage is the purpose of using these hidden areas. You can place your consoles, media players and Blu-Ray players in any of the three spaces, as each of them has two horizontal sections, for obtaining a total of six different spaces. The open space is good for letting air circulate through the shelves and keep your devices cooler. For the construction of the stand, Medium Density Fiber Board has been used, because it is stronger and more moisture resistant than particle boards. It is also free of the defects that natural wood may have.

The glass doors can open easily with just a single touch. Magnetic catches are making this possible. You just have to touch the glass for switching between your different consoles and media players. Sonax FB-2600 Fiji is more than you can get from a gaming TV stand. You can store not only your gaming consoles, but also any media player that you use with your TV. We can say that the stand is more than just a gaming stand. It is a multi-purpose stand. With a large TV screen, this setup can look like one of the most elegant entertainment centers. It can be used best in a larger living room.

  1. Sony Proforma 2-in-1

Sony’s entry into the TV stand market is not just popular with gamers. It offers two layers of storage and two options for the TV. You can either place it on the top glass shelf or mount it on a 70-degree swivel. Both of those features give the Proforma great flexibility, but it is not specifically tailored to gamers. That means no special storage for games or peripherals, and adding more than one console will fill the cable holders very quickly.

  1. Altra Dunnington Ladder Style Home Entertainment Center

This Altra Dunnington entertainment system center is designed in a ladder style on several levels, with a Sonoma oak finish. The ample storage is ideal for safely storing all your gaming systems, controllers and plenty of games. The frame is a little restrictive in terms of the TV size that it can handle, but with a capacity of 48 inch screen and 70lb in weight it is a suitable candidate for most. The design offers a modern centerpiece to any living room or gaming cave. 

  1. Sauder Deco Panel TV Stand

The Deco is a multi-purpose shelf like the Proforma. It lacks a lot of the gaming-specific features that make the Booster stand out, but it covers a lot of its drawbacks as well. It is more compact and much sturdier and makes very effective use of its space. It would be the winner of the multi-purpose category if it featured a swivel option like the Proforma.

  1. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wide 3-Tier

Another excellent multi-purpose option that can fulfill both gaming and non-gaming needs, this compact stand maximizes available space with a wall-less shelf design. It also features extended “wing” shelves on the top and bottom tier that can be used to hold games or consoles. It loses points for poor wire control, so invest in plenty of zip-ties.

  1. Atlantic Spyder

Like the Centipede, the Spyder is designed exclusively with gaming in mind. Unlike its larger cousin, it holds only two controllers and just six games, but it offsets this with a big feature – a swivel mount. The Spyder’s swivel mount features a full 120 degrees of rotation and is height-adjustable between 22 and 50 inches, which means great visibility from anywhere in the room. It’s perfect for party games, but dedicated gamers may find themselves running out of storage space rather quickly.


  1. Altra Furniture Galaxy

Altra’s Galaxy stand has several advantages that separate it from the rest of the crowd. It can hold TVs of up to 50 inches on its stand, giving it the best TV-size to stand-size ratio of all ten contestants. It also features an ingenious storage and wire management system in its central column. This gives it the best wire-management score out of all the stands on this list. In addition to that space, it also has two shelves. One downside to the stand is the lack of structure on the shelves, making games or consoles easy to knock over. To make the issue worse, the top shelf is glass, which could make an angry controller throw very expensive.

  1. Prepac Altus

The Altus is a unique outlier on this list since it is not actually a TV stand. It is a wall-mounted audio-video console. While it could be inconvenient to install, it offers incredible flexibility since it can be combined with a number of other storage solutions. The structured shelves and wire runners likewise make it an excellent storage solution for a wall-mounted gaming TV. The downside to the Altus is the low height of its shelves. It is impossible to fit any console other than a GameCube upright, and it would take a Tetris master to fit more than two on their side. However, if you are only using one console you could easily fit it on the top shelf with a DVD player and a set top box, leaving the entire bottom shelf for games and movies.

  1. Mount-It! AV TV Stand with 3 Shelves

As you would have probably already figured out from its name, this simplistic TV stand has three shelves to accommodate any gaming accessory you might own. It should also be said that it is a fairly decent table in its own right, mostly because of its sturdy construction. Speaking of which, this wooden stand can hold loads up to 88 lbs. heavy with no issues to speak of, while still occupying as little space as possible inside the room.

  1. Mount-It! MI-850 TV Stand Glass Shelving with Storage

Thanks to its high-capacity shelving design, this particular TV stand from Mount-it! will definitely accommodate any type of TV you might have. Made from tempered glass, this stand is strong enough to withstand loads of up to 132 lbs. At the same time, it features spacious shelving to enable you to store whatever TV or gaming-related items you have along with any sound system or home theater platform.

  1. Atlantic TV Video Game Stand

The thing that makes this particular stand different from the rest is its 12 storage compartments, which when combined with its hourglass design give it not only the capacity to hold huge amounts of accessories but to do so while taking up as little space as possible. In fact, we should point out that it can hold no less than 40 games, three consoles, and 8 controllers while still capable of accommodating a 42-inch TV with no problems whatsoever.

  1. Mount-It! MI-866 TV Stand with Mount

Designed to accommodate medium to large TVs, this stand is definitely one for people with large rooms. Although not too large by any degree, it is a bit larger than perhaps some of the other stands out there, yet surprisingly lightweight given its size. It should also be said that it enjoys an elegant TV cabinet / TV mount design that makes it perfect for flat panel TVs and DVD players along with any console you might own.

  1. Fitueyes Floor TV Stand with Mount

Compact and stylish by most standards, the Fitueyes Floor TV Stand is one to benefit any modern room design. This modern stand is made with black tempered glass and has a capacity shelf of 33 lbs., a 110 lbs. capacity for its bottom compartment, and a 110 lbs. capacity for its mount. In this respect, it can easily accommodate any large TV with no issues to speak of while offering the capacity to swivel the TV at the same time.

  1. Mount-It! MI-864 TV Stand Entertainment Center

This particular stand benefits from a universal mounting bracket which is compatible with virtually any TV out there. At the same time, the MI-864’s media cabinet provides an elevated wall mounted TV look while still offering a quite impressive amount of storage space for any auxiliary components your TV might have. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this TV stand doesn’t really take up that much space despite its relatively large design.

  1. Glass TV Stand LCD LED TV Riser Stand

This elegant glass and aluminum stand is designed in a way that allows it to be used either as a TV stand or as an office desktop stand for any computer of your choice. Thanks to its ingenious design, it elevates the display by almost three inches while creating an additional horizontal surface under the monitors for you to store your laptop, keyboard, or console. At the same time, you will find this particular stand to be a lot more affordable than most, which is always a big plus.

  1. Pythons Vertical Stand for PS4

Pythons have a new vertical stand for the PS4 that has fans on the bottom of it to keep your PS4 cooler, as well as charging docks for two PS4 controllers. The fan can be turned on and off so you don’t always have to deal with the noise. It also adds extra USB ports for more versatility. Pythons also added a blue LED indicator light on the front of it.

  1. Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand

Ortz’ PS4 stand is similar to Pythons’, but it is a little bigger and, therefore, a little sturdier. It also has 3 USB ports and two charging ports for your PS4 controllers, and it has two fans to cool your PS4 as to prevent it from overheating. It’s also not as loud as the Pythons, and it is the highest rated stand on Amazon.

  1. WE’s Furniture Wood Modern TV Stand

A striking, fashionable TV stand that combines both style and functionality to offer you a masterpiece to adorn your living area with, this model from WE is an attractive selection. With a maximum TV-accommodating size of 60”, this model provides you with a suitable, adequate height for proper viewing. Numerous innovative open shelves are affixed into the model, to store your important entertainment items and accessories. The overall construction is made from top-grade MDF, and finished with a fine glossy design.

You can use one of these stands as your complete entertainment center, depending on the style you choose. When you keep the above tips in mind, you can be sure that you are going to get the absolute best stand for all of your gaming needs, and one that can be used for many other purposes. Take your time, look at the various options available, and find a gaming stand that is going to be perfect for all of your gaming needs.


Gaming TV stands make maximum use of smaller spaces because the design is compact. A console stand is great for smaller, more informal spaces like bedrooms or game rooms. These are also great in family rooms where many different ages and tastes are being considered. Entertainment centers are great as center pieces or main focus areas and will accommodate many different items, including stereos, gaming systems, and even books and keepsakes. A beautiful entertainment center is a welcome addition to any living room or family game room.

As with most home furnishings purchases, the style and kind of gaming TV stand is limited only by the imagination and preferences of the gamer. Whether a part-time or serious gamer, the right TV stand will make a tremendous difference in the overall experience. The most important attributes to consider are ease of access and adequate storage space but the aesthetic features of the stand are also important. No matter which TV stand you choose, make sure that the stand is perfect for your needs!