We are heading into a new graphical era, ever since the ground breaking graphics of Oblivion we have been noticing a change in graphical efforts and therfore a change in our video cards. Slowly games are getting harder and harder to run, and load times are getting longer. Game designers are always pushing the limits because they have the ultimate equipment to work with, which doesn’t always reflect what the common consumer has. DirectX 10 was shipped with Windows Vista, to explain what this is and what exactly it changes: DirectX is a set of programming that handles video related content and most of all 3d graphics, everything game programming related. DirectX 10 has increased graphical performance, textures and includes Shader Model 4, overall it gives a better experience to Vista gamers. This might scare gamers into the question of exclusive Vista made games, made specifically for DirectX 10, will this happen sooner than you think?

Not everybody has the money, and computer to upgrade to Vista, a lot of early reviews scared consumers into being weary about Vista consequences on lower powered systems. So if these older PCs can’t handle Vista then couldn’t it be said that those same older computers can’t run any of the newer games, more specifically the new FPS’ like Crysis? This might be the thought process a lot of developers are taking in order to join onto the exclusive Vista only games. So far older PCs are in the clear, the newer games like Crysis are letting gamers play it on XP or Vista with a high Ram and Graphic card requirement. The developers offer demos between the two, showing the benefits of the new DirectX, this game will obviously encourages play at the highest graphics settings and frame rate but really what game doesn’t??

Looking on the other side of the fence maybe a ton of the gamers, out there, who have already upgraded or bought a newer computer with Vista can’t wait for the exclusive graphical nuances. I hear gamers who are angry that their system isn’t being fully utilized and adaptations should be made in order to catch up with the ever changing technology. Really, most people who say this are the people who have gaming computers, because even though someone may have a newer computer that doesn’t mean that they have a graphics card as high as 512MB. These days a lot of the technological advances can be considered technological nuisances to some core gameplay gamers, if you think about it the life span of a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 will probably be around 4 – 6 years. You might have your computer for a year or two before you have to make your next upgrade. Not just that but you also don’t have to keep your Xbox clean from spyware, cookies, adware, virus’, corrupted files, windows errors and old pictures of your girlfriend, a computer isn’t just a gaming device it is a personal computer to a lot of people. So a lot of gamers have to think of their computers games as a commitment taking care of the long run and what the future has to offer a small price to pay for the huge list we have coming up this year.

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