Buying gifts is hard, and it can be stressful. When it comes to getting gifts for the whole family it can seem pretty impossible to find something that’s going to suit everybody. Instead of the usual stress and panic let’s make it fun to find a gift the whole family can enjoy.

Gaming is the thing to do for almost all young people and some older people. We all enjoy playing and with more variety there are more people playing than ever before. If you’re looking for something the whole family can do together then a gaming gift might be the way to go. Even if you don’t see yourselves as a gaming family check out some of the great gift suggestions we’ve found.

Console and PC Games

gaming giftsMore families than ever have a console now, but almost every family has a PC. We’ve searched through and found some family and children friendly games for console and PC to give you a few suggestions:

  • Knack 2

Knack 2 is coming to PS4 in 2017 and after a disappointing Knack 1 they’ve rebooted the system and made it way more fun. In game, your character absorbs materials to get new abilities and it’s the perfect family game as it has co-op mode so you all control a separate character and work together. There’s new bad guys and an updated world to explore.

  • Lego Dimensions

Lego Dimensions is a great option because you’ll have access to a load of characters your family loves. You can even create your own Lego character and control him on the screen. Play through the story mode or face off in the battle arena, you’ll have a lot of fun with one of the latest Lego games. Available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles.

  • Mario Kart

A Nintendo classic for family gaming is Mario kart. Now on their 8th edition of the game (not counting some handheld versions) they’ve kept it fresh with updated characters, cars, weapons, and maps. Blast your way into first and beat the whole family! We must warn you, Mario kart can cause some tension in the family, especially with competitive people, so beware…

There are literally thousands of games for console that can be played multiplayer with the whole family. Alternatively, a great single player game like Zelda can be fun for individual gamers. With so much choice out there it’s best to look at some trailers and reviews online to see which will best suit you.

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Virtual Reality

gaming giftsVirtual Reality (VR) is the hottest new trend in gaming and if you haven’t tried it yet you seriously need to. There are various headsets available, with some cheap options and some very expensive options. For the full experience, the expensive options will be a better choice but it totally depends on your budget.

There is already a load of multiplayer VR games on the market but soon you’re going to see classics like Call of Duty or Doom return to the forefront of gaming with their VR debut.

A great gift for serious gamers or just to try out Virtual Reality could be the perfect present for your family.

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Board Games, Apps and More

It’s never been an easier time to be a gamer because there are more games on more platforms than ever before. It totally depends on you and your family which format is the best for you but we’ve always appreciated a classic board game. New varieties are being released every day so you won’t have to settle for the classics like scrabble (even though it’s a top game!).

Similarly, there are a whole host of multiplayer apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. One of the best we’ve played is Space Team where a team of you must work together across different devices to mend the ship and keep everything going before you crash.

Ultimately there is no end to the choice out there and no matter your budget you can find a great game for everyone to enjoy. If you are going to spend a bit more than it might be worth talking to your family to make sure you get something that’s worth the expense.

Choosing a gift is about finding something which suits people personally. For more great personal gifts check out bullets2bandages.


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